Game-based learning encourages engagement and motivation!

08/26/2021 - Experiential Learning

What if you tell your little gamer that they can learn a new language while playing a role-playing game! What do you think their reaction would be? Probably, “Let’s do it!”

When you first enroll in an online courses your enthusiasm is on the roof! You're excited to learn and try out the new program. However, once the program progresses you lose interest as the boring monotony of it takes over.

In fact, completion rates for online courses are an average of 5-15%. So the challenge for educators is to explore ways to make learning more engaging for students. Studies show that a child's learning outcome will be heavily improved through engagement and motivation.

Game-based learning is engaging

Engagement in game-based learning is the act of participating in a certain situation with the outcome of belongingness and commitment. 

Motivation in game-based learning is the act of feeling rewarded as you progress in the program with the outcome of being eager to move further.

Experiential learning is the outcome when you play an education role-playing game.

The concept is learning from practice. It is the evolution of the 70:20:10 model by Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinge which states that 70% of the development of an individual happens from experience, 20% of learning is from social and 10% from lectures and structured programs.

A basic example of this is when a child learns how to communicate for the very first time. A child becomes a literate member of society by listening and interacting with the people that surround them. Social interactions involving language that a child experience during play helps build their literacy knowledge.

Role playing is an extension of Experiential Learning

For today’s generation, we see more and more similarities to this approach. Children learn through the advancement in platforms they are accustomed to such as Youtube, game-streaming, and online games. Our role as educators and parents is to ensure that we give them the proper guidance so they watch or play is something that they will learn from.

The best part about learning through experience is that it tends to be more long-lasting than just memorizing modules. At Odeum we strongly believe in making kids love learning by creating real experiences for learning through role playing. We believe that learning is most effective when it is through experience and interaction.

Odeum is currently developing a Chinese Learning Role-playing game (RPG) that immerses students into ancient China where they must survive and save history by learning and speaking Chinese.

Stay tuned and follow our Facebook page to get more updates regarding its release date!


Learning from Experience

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